Wedding Custom Add-Ons



Custom Up-Lighting gives you the ability to throw columns of light upward towards the ceilings. By strategically placing the fixtures around the room, you can create pillars of light that will both wash the walls as well as the ceiling with a rich colours pallet (ambient lighting). 

Dancing On A Cloud


Using dry ice pellets chilled to an astonishing -109°F (-79°C), we will create a perfect custom white cloud of low lying fog for your first dance. Working along side your photographer, we can achieve the most amazing pictures of one of the key points of your day.

Special Effects


Sparklers provide you with an exceptional display without all the hassle and worry of conventional pyrotechnics. Traditional pyrotechnics are extremely flammable and are very limited. Amazing for any event, but will stand out for your first dance. This is one of our top special effects.

Wedding Ceremony


With our wedding ceremony custom add on we include two additional speakers, wireless mic and all music needed for your ceremony. We set the ambiance 30 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony while your guest arrive.

Custom Gobo Projection


Dazzle everyone at your wedding as you dance the night away on your personalized monogrammed dance floor. We can personalize you wedding reception by making a custom gobo that will project onto your dance floor or a wall at your reception.